Dry sorter/planing mill

Recent years have seen major changes in relation to final sorting in sawmills.

One important factor is the increasingly efficient measuring and scanning systems that are now available in the market.
These systems remove human limitations in sorting timber, resulting in completely consistent sorting, regardless of how long the plant is in operation.

A number of high-capacity planing mills have also been built in Sweden, which CGV has had the pleasure of supplying to Vida Vislanda, Södra Timber Långasjö and Holmen Timber Braviken.

Instead of running the production process through a dry sorter plus one or more small planing lines, production is run through a dry sorter with a plane integrated in the flow.

This type of plant has been used for many years in North America and Europe, and is above all suitable for production of construction timber.
CGV has further developed this concept and adapted it to Nordic conditions.