Bin section

Bin sorter is a solution that apart from being affordable, effectively utilize the available space. We can offer two different types of Bin sorters, one with electrical regulation of the bottom hatch and one with hydraulic regulation


Bin sorter - Electric

A well proven construction with a J-Bar for up to 140 lugs/minute.
An electrical motor is used to regulate the level, which saves the user from problems such as leaking hydraulic oil etc

Technical data

Capacity:  Up to 140lpm depending on dimension.
Product number: BS11


Bin sorter - Hydraulic

A robust construction with a pusher lug for a capacity with over 200 lugs/minute. When bins are emptied there are support arms being extended on both sides to compress the packages while it is emptied on a conveyor

Technical data

Capacity:  Up to +200lpm depending on dimension.
Product number: BS31

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