Stick handling equipment

It is becoming increasingly more important with a good drying result to increase the quality of the final product, one of the factors is that there are enough drying sticks in the package. With an increased amount of sticks it is natural to automate the process of laying sticks on the package, another important factor is the removal of defective sticks that would otherwise influence the drying result or cause disturbance in the production.

A natural consequence of more sticks in the packages is the correlation with more dunnage. To increase the quality of the drying result, relieve the burden for operators, forklift operators and increase outfeed capacity there is often a need for an automated management of dunnage.

CGV have well proven concepts for this.



With the help of a standard laser scanner, the PLC constructs a geometric model of each stick that passes through the scanner.
The scanner can detect dimension, length, deformations, with a special focus for faults and deformations at the ends.

As an option, a pusher can be placed on a movable carriage which synchronize its position with the stick that shall be pushed off, the stick can thereby be pushed off without having to stop or reduce speed.

Technical data

Capacity:  Approximately 300 sticks per minute.
Product number: SM11


Stick automat

With the Stick automat from CGV, upwards three sticks can be distributed at a time to a buffer in each cassette. Sticks are then placed on the packages from the buffer with a servo-controlled placement frame.

In the case where the stick automat is connected to our Nc-controlled layer stacker, the stick automat can be programmed with a movement profile which will synchronize with the stacker.


Technical data

Capacity:  Up to 20 stacks per minute.
Produktnummer: SA21


Dunnage automat

A Dunnage automat is often placed in spaces without heat, which can be particularly challenging for pneumatics and hydraulics during the winter.

That is why we at CGV have constructed our Dunnage automat with solely electrical components, in order to yield the highest possible availability.

The placement frame has adjustable height so that dunnage can be placed on packages without full height.

Technical data

Capacity:  Approximately 25 per cycle (full-height packages)
Product number: DA21


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