Wrapping systems

Customers of sawmills have increasingly higher demands regarding the packages length and wrapping, it is not uncommon with half-packages which are covered on 5 sides today. Combined with the higher production rate it renders a challenge for press and wrapping lines in many sawmills today. CGV have delivered automatic wrapper solutions for packages of lumber since 2015 and during the fall of 2020, packages wrapped by the CGV Wrapper in Sweden and Finland exceeded 2.000.000 units.

CGV Wrapper

The system is built up by two parallell processes which require approximately the same amount of time. In the first process a hood is manufactured from one of the five rolls, which can each contain up to 800m of film.
The selection of film and how long hood that should be manufactured is derived from the general control system. In the second process the hood is applied on the package and when the arms who hold the film are retracted, the package can continue forward.

Technical data

Capacity:  From 30s per package
Product number: WS11


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