REFERENce green sorting

Toftan AS

Estonian AS Toftan has systematically worked itself up to one of the largest and most efficient sawmills in the Baltic countries, the mill currently produces about 350.000m3.

Toftan 1 was built in the middle of the 1990's, using mostly second-hand equipment and produce lumber out of normal logs.
Toftan 2 is a "Green Field" project with focus on highly efficient production of studs.

CGV had the privilege of presenting and deliver a green sorting as well as dry sorting for what would become one of the foremost stud mills in Europe. Every single project and delivery for CGV is the start of a long-term collaboration, and with Toftan this has resulted in a facility that exceeded everyone's expectations.

CGV have delivered 2 lines for the Green sorting where each line contains:

  • Infeed belt conveyors from the saw line.
  • Landing deck after the saw line.
  • 2 buffer conveyors for piled lumber.
  • Layer stacker.
  • Sticker automat.
  • Dunnage automat.

Both lines have shared stick equipment with accumulation from the dry sorting which reduce the forklift operation to a minimum.

Facts Toftan 2

Year 2016
Owner AB Karl Hedin
Production 100.000m3/shift
Workers 18 (1 shift)
Markets Estonia, China, Japan, Lithuania


Dual infeed with an integrated buffer for sticks from the dry sorting.

Dual Layer stackers with Stick automats.