Dry sorting / Planer mill - Intake

The intake is responsible for receiving dried packages of lumber, removing sticks from the packages and with a high efficiency provide the facility with lumber.


Tilt hoist

The Tilt hoist is one of the machines normally included with the intake of a dry sorting and makes sure the drying sticks are removed from the packages of lumber.

The Tilt hoist can be equipped with a secondary hoist for a faster change between packages. It operates with closed loop operation drives for quicker movements and monitoring.

Another equipment option available for the Tilt hoist is an automatic levelling system for oblique/crooked packages, which can be of great assistance when the Tilt hoist is operating unsupervised. The levelling system is operational for both the primary and secondary hoist.

Technical data

Product number:

TH11 - Primary tilt hoist simple package
TH21 - Primary tilt hoist double package
TH61 - Secondary tilt hoist



By-pass of the Unscrambler is a useful function during production of larger dimensions of lumber. Passing over the Unscrambler increases the efficiency and reduce the damage to the lumber and lower the noise levels as well.

Stick handling equipment

To minimize deformation of the lumber that can occur during the drying process, the number of sticks in the packages has gradually increased. Leading to a significant increase in the amount of sticks being received by the stick intake, at the same time as a higher capacity of a dry sorting has been achieved in connection with the installation of optimization systems.

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