REFEREnce green sorting

Sävar Såg

Have changed from traditional techniques to a high-tech sawmill in the frontier of quality control and optimization of timber output.
The old band mill line from the 1970's has been replaced by high-speed band mills, which makes it possible for Sävar to work at twice the speed.

An increased production rate often relocates the operations bottlenecks and at Sävar this created a need for a new Sticker stacker along with the old one to primarily handle the center boards. There was at this time a new type of Sticker stacker under construction at CGV, based on the same NC-Control as the Layer stacker for green lumber and the Package stacker already in place. In addition to the Sticker stacker, CGV developed a system for detecting and sorting defective sticks based on a laser scanner from Sick. The system can be equipped with a moving pusher, which can remove defective sticks at full speed.

Sävar thought this was interesting and CGV were trusted with delivering a whole new sticker stacker system to Sävar Såg.

In order to ensure an increased production for the future, Sävar set high goals and expectations on this delivery, and by working together we managed to accomplish as well as exceed said goals.

CGV have delivered the following to the Green sorting:

  • Emptying conveyor from Tray sorter.
  • ServoLoader including accumulation.
  • Sticker stacker.
  • 2 StickChecker with pushers (1 per line). 
  • Stick automat.
  • Dunnage automat.


Facts Sävar Såg

Year 2019
Owner Norra Timber
Production Approximately 300 000m3 sawn product.
Raw product 60 percent Pine och 40 percent Spruce.
Workers Approximately 90


Newly developed Sticker stacker with NC-Control

StickChecker with moving pusher.