CGV Control

CGV Control is our concept to construct machine control for our facilities on which we have spent considerable time and resources to produce standardized solutions for PLC, HMI, safety, motion, MCC, push button desks, junction box etc.

The hub of this concept is the TwinCat PLC which is a PC-based control system from Beckhoff Automation in Germany.


PC Control

We are able to integrate PLC, motion and safety control in the same CPU, which is of great advantage when designing machine control systems for sorting facilities.

This technology gives us access to considerably more CPU power than traditional PLC-systems, together with perhaps the most powerful fieldbus (EtherCat) on the market to communicate with standard IO, safety IO, advanced sensors, frequency inverters etc



For a machine specific visualization (alarms, recipe, parameters etc.) we use TwinCat HMI, which can be installed on a IPC (industrial PC or virtual server) and the panels (tablets, panels, monitors) are then connected through a web browser.

An advantage with this solution is if a panel in a push button desk breaks, it can temporarily be replaced with an ordinary PC



We have standardized solutions for MCC layouts and standard type circuits for how the safety should be constructed.

This simplifies maintenance and reduce the number of spare parts needed.

CGV Remote

In order to offer our customers the best possible opportunity for support over distance, we have invested in a remote access system developed for automation firms. This grants us a fast-encrypted connection without being exposed to the internet or our customers’ network.

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