CGV Sort

CGV Sort is our concept for sorting control and in the center of it there is a Windows Server which runs a dot net application developed in-house, for control in real time CGV_Control is utilized.

The application is normally run on the same type of industrial PC as the CGV_Control, which will facilitate spare part maintenance. Alternatively, the application is installed on a virtual computer which shall be provided by the customer. A thin client that is connected to the server is installed for each operator station.

There is for the CGV Sorter a web-based report generator with a planning tool for shifts. It is then possible to access reports for each day, shift, stop time and alarm from any computer within the network. For CGV Sort and CGV Control there are tools available which facilitates the transfer of data between the systems, this is utilized to for example, automate the process of package movements from the bin section to the forklifts in an efficient way.



One of the cornerstones of sorting control is an effective table management and in CGV_Sort you can effectively and with a clear overview construct your sorting runs.

There is also the possibility to import tables from a separate planning tool to CGV_Sort with the help of our XML-templates



It is important for the operator to have a clear overview of the bin section status, there are several tools in CGV_Sort for this purpose, for example, show status or correct data.

Effective sort changes are important for the facility's efficiency, CGV_Sort have powerful tools to facilitate these changes.


Package management

An effective management of package information is of great importance in order to keep a high efficiency. CGV_Sort provide the operator with a clear overview while simultaneously being closely connected with CGV_Control which automate the process for package management.



The built-in report generator is web-based and provides information regarding production, alarms and stop time. All reports can be filtered by day, shift and batch within any selected period.
These reports are an effective tool for the continuous work for improvements and to fine tune the production further

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