REFERENce dry sorting

Bravikens Sawmill

Was built completely new as a "green field" project in 2010/11 with plans for a simpler dry sorting to support the high-speed planer mill built by CGV.

In 2018 Holmen Timber made the decision to invest for an increased production, this meant new Kiln dryers and a dry sorting for products that should not be planed.

The dry sorting that CGV were entrusted with delivering has several similarities with the planer mill we delivered in 2010, but has been updated with a new software, a new type of package stacker and several other smaller updates. The facility became operational as scheduled during the spring of 2020 and is currently relieving the planer mill with the rough lumber products.

CGV have delivered the following for Holmen's dry sorting:

  • Tilt Hoist with a secondary hoist and automatic levelling system.
  • ServoLoader including accumulation.
  • Positioning fence.
  • Trimmer.
  • Bin sorter with pusher lug.
  • Package stacker
  • Laths automat.
  • Press & strapping unit (Swestrap).
  • Wrapper system (Goliat).


Facts Bravikens Sawmill

Year 2020
Owner Holmen Timber AB
Production Ambition is 600 000m3 sawn product
Raw product Spruce and Pine
Workers Approximately 100


ServoLoader for a reliable and quiet one piece feeding.

Paketläggare med NC-styrning och automatisk taktning av data.