Cutting systems

CGV have two well proven Trimmer models, where the cost and capacity are the primary reasons for which Trimmer that is selected.
Both models have a construction which provide the user with a low maintenance cost and a high efficiency.


Trimmer - high capacity

Model JV81 is for facilities where speeds upwards 200+ lugs per minute is needed, the model is originally constructed in Canada and further developed by CGV. This Trimmer is well tested in field and has a robust construction while being very service friendly. For example, the side hatches can be opened and used as a platform during service, another finesse is that the whole Trimmer can be tilted up during maintenance.

Technical data

Capacity:  Up to +200lpm depending on dimension.
Product number: JV81, JV82 (PET)


Trimmer - standard

Model JV199 is for facilities with up to 140 lugs per minute, a well-tested, reliable and a financially beneficial construction

Technical data

Capacity:  Up to 140lpm depending on dimension.
Product number: JV199, JV22(PET)

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