REFERENce High-speed planer mill

Vida Nössemark AB

In 2015 Vida acquired the sawmill in Nössemark, the mill was at the time on the brink of bankruptcy with the threat of closure. Before the acquisition, Nössemark was producing lumber out of normal timber and has since then been transformed into a very effective high-speed sawmill for 2,45m studs.

Vida and CGV have worked together before with high-speed planer mills and stud mills, in 2007 CGV built a high-speed planer mill for dimension lumber for Vida Vislanda and a few years later we delivered a Trimmer system to Vida Alvesta's stud mill. Our joint experience made the process of coming up with the solution easier, and together with the further development of machines and control systems, gave Nössemark a planer mill with a high capacity as well as efficiency.

The following was delivered by CGV to the planer mill:

  • Tilt hoist with a secondary hoist and automatic levelling system.
  • Accumulation to the planer infeed.
  • Landing deck after the planer.
  • ServoLoader including accumulation.
  • Positioning fence.
  • PET-Trimmer. 
  • Tray sorter.
  • Package stacker
  • Laths automat.
  • Press & strapping unit (Swestrap).
  • Laths pusher.
  • CGV Wrapper.
  • Package hoist.
  • Integration between Vida planning system and CGV Sort.


Facts Vida Nössemark AB

Year 2017
Owner Canfor Corporation
Production  200 000 m3 sawn product
Raw product Studs 2,45m
Workers Approximately 40


Cutting system with a PET-Trimmer.

A CGV Wrapper for full, half och 3/4-packages.