Package stacker for Dry sorting

Our machines for package stacking have been developed with a focus on capacity, efficiency, and simplicity for the operator. We drew inspiration from Nc-controlled machines in engineering workshops, which means that most movements are fully synchronized with each other. This type of controlling is simplified through our control system which has an integrated motion controller in the PLC. 
Movements are calculated with the optimal run profile automatically, which reduces the number of recipe parameters and simplifies adjustments for the sticker stacker. Resulting in a more exact machine that can be run with smaller margins and without effecting the efficiency

Dual fork stacker

What distinguish the layer stacker is the dual fork stacker which operate with completely horizontal and vertical movements. This provides the conditions for a proper function with minimal disturbances. Another detail is the servo-driven counterhold that provides support for the placed layer without interfering with the layer stacker.

Technical data

Capacity:  +30 stacks per minute depending on dimension.
Product number: PS21

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